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John’s career has weaved in and out of software and finance since before he went to college, so it’s no surprise he’s in the FinTech space now.  A native New Yorker, we like to call him a Damn Yankee around the office, but truthfully he’s been down here so long he’s shed most of that New York City thing.  When we cant find him we check the weather – if it’s nice out he’s probably snuck out to the golf course, and if the weather is lousy he’s hiding somewhere reading a book.  At the end of the day he’s a total nerd, but we think that’s ok.



This is John’s 9th startup!

John Haldi


Matt is a startup operations expert and technology development leader. Early in his career, he found a passion around bringing talented teams together to tackle difficult challenges and build amazing technology solutions. Matt believes that both customers and employees should be a company’s #1 focus. Outside of work, Matt enjoys mentoring young entrepreneurs and helping to grow the Atlanta startup community.



Matt is a curling league champion!

Matt Apesos


After graduating Kennesaw State University with a marketing degree, Kayla moved to Atlanta to start her own web design firm for fitness professionals. Kayla now uses her design skills and marketing strategy experience to grow Paybaks’ user base. When not at the office, you can find Kayla working on a new creative project, working out, or designing websites.



Kayla is addicted to frozen yogurt!

Kayla Smith

Senior Marketing Manager

Bryan is an Atlanta transplant from New York (shockingly unique) with an Economics degree from Binghamton University and a penchant for problem solving. While not in the office Bryan enjoys his time by lifting heavy, cooking, taking care of the pets, booting up Steam, and spending time with loved ones.



Bryan earned a near perfect score on his SAT!

Bryan Link

Director of Customer Success

Connor is a native to Boston, but his heart is in Atlanta. Besides loving the work he does at Paybaks, Connor studies mechanical engineering and business at Georgia Tech. In his part time, he often finds himself shooting photos, designing websites, or eating ramen.



While in college, Connor has adopted a dog, hamster, and bunny!

Connor Meeds

Director of Affiliate Marketing


We exist to serve and support small and midsize businesses.

We believe SMBs need every advantage to compete against big corporations, and we are committed to helping SMBs do better and collaborate with each other in order to thrive. We believe that the modern economy isn’t zero-sum, it’s win-win. Our Customers are hardworking and busy and they deserve the world’s best Customer service. The #1 priority of every employee is to assist our Customers to solve their problems. We will provide genuine human interaction in a way that earns trust and doesn’t waste the Customer’s time. If we can’t solve a problem, we’ll help point them to someone who can.

The two most important things are our customers and our employees. When they succeed, we succeed. 


We also believe that every Employee deserves a great place to work. It’s our job to help each Employee achieve his or her own personal and career goals. We will create a work environment where smart, talented people can make decisions to drive the business to success. We trust every member of our team, and we’re committed to helping each team member to become the best they can be. We encourage risk taking and failure, and we give people the space they need to learn. We will empower them to achieve their goals whether it is with our company or somewhere else.


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